Distribution Service

We are able to help you with a distribution of your goods – by offering you en effective solution for a very reasonable price
We dispose of own vehicles and we have very good business relations with Czech Post. We can offer you the attractive prices and plan an optimal mix of distribution channels.

Own vehicle fleet

We own many vehicles in various categories. Most of our clients distribute mainly smaller parcels, but we are flexible and able to distribute bigger shipments too.

Good business relations with Czech Post

Based on our experience in distribution, we are able to negotiate advantageous agreements with the Czech Post.

The lowest transport costs

Together with our clients we always try to set the distribution mix effectively and with the lowest transport costs possible. We pay a lot of attention to our clients’ satisfaction.

Completion and installation of POS (Points of Sale) Materials

We provide a complex service of Points of Sale marketing activities. We are able to store all the materials, to distribute it, to install a desired place and to transport it back when the promotion is finished. The POS elements can be also unconventional, speaking of a shape. We will deal with it.

Own courier service

We also have a private courier service. For more information, please contact us.

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Why to cooperate with us?

  • Carefulness
  • Individual approach
  • Longstanding experience
  • Flexibility
  • Low prices