We provide professional archiving services that cover the whole life cycle of your documents
We also offer associated services like printing, documents completion, distribution, digitalization or shredding. We are happy to help you with all of these operations. By using our best-in-class technologies you will have your documents in reach of a single click.

Professional archiving of corporate documents

You can concentrate on your main business and leave archiving on us. We are able to take care of your administrative documents completely. Rich experience and many satisfied clients in this area are the reasons why you can trust us. We mainly focus on:

  • Classification
  • Digitization
  • Archiving
  • Shredding

The systems we use are following:

DMS and DPO – Document life cycle systems

DMS and DPO stand for Document Management Services and Document Process Outsourcing. Both systems support document life cycle – from a document creation until its archiving and shredding. We have best-in-class technologies of the systems in order to secure the process perfectly.

Registry services in accordance with applicable legislation

We are able to offer solutions of registry and documentation services in full compliance with applicable legislation (Registration with the Office for Personal Data Protection and the State Regional Archives). We fully respect the client´s present archive system and we are able to continue fluently with our agenda. Optimal solution is always in our minds.

In connection with our archiving services we can offer:

  • Document scanning – color, black and white, single-sided and double-sided, different structures and formats
  • Digital archiving security
  • Evidence of loans
  • Flexible transportation of your documents


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